Record Grid For ROKiT F4 British Championship At Thruxton

A record 23 drivers will be lining up on the grid at Thruxton in Hampshire this weekend for the three races of the ROKiT F4 British Championship certified by FIA. 22 drivers entered British F4’s third event of the year at Snetterton two weeks ago, equalling the 2015 grids from Oulton Park and Snetterton.

Thruxton’s event sees the grid number rise, with Mika Abrahams joining following his fifteenth birthday this week to bring the total entered drivers to 23. The magic number 23 has only been confirmed following Jaden Pariat’s clearance to compete following an injury that prevented him racing in the previous two rounds, and confirmation that Matteo De Palo has returned to the British series following his previous outing at Snetterton.

Eve Lake-Grange, ROKiT F4 British Championship Manager

“It’s great to finally welcome Mika to the grid. He has been testing with us for several months but was unable to race until he turned 15. We have known from before the start of the season that our grid was growing, and with Mika’s debut, Matteo’s entry and Jaden’s clearance we have set a new record. Already we have bettered any season by being above 20 entries for every race so far, and consistent numbers in that region gives us a stronger championship. A record 23 is just great for everyone – the fans, the teams and the drivers.

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