Minerva’s Virtual Academy announced as education partner for British F4

The ROKiT F4 British Championship certified by FIA is pleased to confirm Minerva’s Virtual Academy (MVA) as official education partner. MVA’s partnership with Motorsport UK also encompasses the Wera Tools British Kart Championships.

Minerva’s Virtual Academy (MVA) is a multi-award winning online school for students aged 11 to 18, providing a flexible alternative to traditional education. The school caters to the unique needs and aspirations of each student and helps young athletes to balance their sports and academic pursuits.

The school’s goal is to help British F4 and BKC racers balance their intense training and racing schedules and allow them to pursue their sport without compromising on their education. Student-athletes at MVA can watch lessons back, study at times that are flexible to them, and benefit from 1-2-1 contact with an athlete mentor, who helps them to develop core skills in areas that benefit both their education and their sport, e.g. time management, media handling, and mental wellbeing. The school’s fortnightly High-Performance Club brings all the school’s athletes together online to share experiences with each other and participate in guest lectures.

In recent years, MVA has built successful record of working with young racing drivers across several UK and international race series, highlighting the growing demand for better and more flexible education solutions within the motorsport sector. Current British F4 students include Dion Gowda and Jaden Pariat.

Eve Lake-Grange, ROKiT F4 British Championship Manager:

“Development of our drivers is our number one priority, and that is as much about helping and supporting them outside the car as improving lap times. Some of our drivers are with us at a critical time in their education. Virtual schooling enables drivers to benefit from the flexibility that is offered and drivers can engage more with both the racing and education if they have the ability the balance commitments. Our recent summer break may have been a break from racing but was also a time for drivers to take exams and study.

“I’m pleased to welcome Minerva’s Academy as our education partner and look forward to seeing our drivers’ academic successes in addition to their on-track achievements as their careers progress.”

Sol Rolls-Tyson, Elite Athlete Education Officer at MVA:

“Minerva’s forward-thinking, flexible approach to education has been revolutionising the way young athletes balance their sport and academic pursuits. As a professional athlete myself, I’m thrilled to partner with Motorsport UK, alongside our successful collaborations with RGMMC, IAME Series, and Champions of the Future, to amplify opportunities for even more drivers across Europe. Over the last year, I have had the privilege of working closely with young drivers, aged 11-18, who attend MVA, serving as their athlete mentor and being a bridge between parents, coaches, and schools.

Together, we are taking both education and sports to unprecedented heights, ensuring that aspiring athletes no longer need to compromise their passion for racing for the sake of their studies. With our collective commitment to flexible learning opportunities, young racers can now dedicate more time to the track while still achieving GCSEs and A Levels, propelling the future of young athletes to exceptional levels of success. This collaboration marks a transformative chapter in the world of education and motorsport, and we are confident that our experiences and dedication will continue to make a lasting impact.’:

Lawrence Tubb, Headmaster of Minerva’s Virtual Academy, added:

“In the past, it’s not been easy for many young people in sports to balance their important academic work with growing their athletic careers. We are determined to continue setting the very highest standards for flexible online learning, and I’m very excited to welcome a brand new intake of students in September who are coming to us from our new relationship with Motorsport UK.’

Minerva Virtual Academy in more detail:

Further information can be found at:

A virtual ‘MVA For Athletes’ Open Event takes place on 18th August at 12.30pm and provides an opportunity to meet the MVA teaching staff and athlete mentors, and learn more about MVA’s innovative approach to education for young athletes.

Please note that the deadline for enrolment is August 25th.

The new school year for the world’s most flexible school starts on September 4th!

To attend, click here:

Motorsport UK and British F4 are committed to supporting educational requirements, however it is essential that parents and students find solutions that meet the individual needs of each driver.  For a more personalised discussion, prospective students and their families are welcome to schedule a MVA Discovery Call with the Admissions team. Please click here:

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