FIA British Formula 4 Champion Max Fewtrell wins Henry Ford Trophy at BRSCC Awards

  • FIA British Formula 4 Champion Max Fewtrell wins prestigious Henry Ford Trophy for extraordinary human endeavour.
  • Rookie class champion Alex Quinn and vice-champion Ayrton Simmons receive awards.

6 FEBRUARY, 2017 – Stars of the 2016 F4 British Championship certified by FIA – powered by Ford season were out in force on Saturday for the BRSCC Awards at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon. It was a night to remember for champion Max Fewtrell whose phenomenal performance in 2016 saw him presented with the prestigious Henry Ford Trophy by Gerard Quinn, Senior Manager, Ford Performance Europe, for human endeavour in the field of motorsports.

Introduced in 2015 and previously awarded to FIA British Formula 4 Champion Lando Norris, the trophy was commissioned by Ford Motor Company and recognises the person who Ford believes has shown extraordinary endeavour throughout the year.

Explained Fewtrell: “It’s a huge honour to receive the Henry Ford Trophy, especially with Lando’s name engraved on it alongside mine. To be following in his footsteps with what I achieved in British F4 hopefully means I’m going in the right direction.

“It’s been a fantastic evening. Being involved in British F4 and with Ford is amazing. To have my name even mentioned in the same sentence as Henry Ford’s really is a huge honour. It’s awesome.

“Racing in British F4 in 2016 was the perfect first year in single-seaters. The championship gives you everything you need to help you learn and progress. It’s the complete package and the best way to start racing cars. I don’t think I would be in the position I’m in now without the F4 British Championship.”

2016’s leading British F4 rookie drivers Alex Quinn and Ayrton Simmons also took to the stage to receive their awards for the season which were presented by BRSCC vice chairman Peter Daly.

Said Rookie Champion Quinn: “2016 was a great year for me. Celebrating with all the British F4 family on a night like this is a lot of fun. Collecting my award with Max and Ayrton receiving theirs too, along with all the other BRSCC championships is brilliant. It’s a truly great club to be a part of.

“There are so many people here tonight who are doing excellent things in motorsport and then you have the likes of Jenson Button, who is a Formula Ford Champion, winning the BRSCC John Nicol Trophy which is really cool.

“To think that Max, Ayrton and I are in the same position in British F4 as Jenson was a number of years ago is really special.

“The F4 British Championship is a fantastic platform, especially as a rookie. My plans still aren’t confirmed for 2017, but I’m sure that winning the Rookie Cup in British F4 will be the perfect foundation for whatever I choose to do.”

Images by Gary Hawkins Photography.