MSA Formula drivers to assist with concussion research

Dr Paul Trafford

1 SEPTEMBER, 2015 – Drivers from Ford’s MSA Formula Championship are to be part of a medical research programme into the effects and causes of concussion. TOCA medical delegate Dr Paul Trafford is involved in the initiative following a spate of accidents in other championships, most of them relatively low-speed incidents, which have resulted in drivers suffering sometimes quite severe concussion.

Dr Trafford met the young stars of MSA Formula during last month’s Knockhill race weekend to explain to them the many and varied symptoms of concussion, to better enable them to identify if they may have the condition. “We have seen a number of drivers recently who have been involved in accidents with relatively gentle impacts who have then displayed some of the classic symptoms of concussion,” he said. “Concussion is a chemical reaction in the brain which can lead to many different problems, such as confusion, headache, loss of memory, difficulty in concentrating and uncharacteristic behaviour. It is vital that a driver should be able to identify that he or she may be suffering from the condition, and then seek medical advice.”

MSA Formula drivers are among those who have been asked to participate in an online survey about their experiences to assist in research.