Coaching & Development

MSA Driver Coaching
The MSA Driver Coaching initiative develops the knowledge and understanding of drivers in the F4 British Championship. It provides them with an alternate perspective designed to compliment the coaching and training they do with their own teams.

Drivers are able to overlay data traces from a lap of their choice on the pole position lap and analyse video footage of their lap with the MSA Coaches to improve driving technique.

The programme is focused on achieving long term development and close racing. It has proved hugely successful in its first year, enabling drivers to make strides forward in performance regardless of budget, resources or team size.

Driver Masterclasses
Over the years British F4 has had a fantastic roster of experts from the upper echelons of motorsport who have spent time imparting their knowledge and wisdom to our drivers to improve their performance both on and off the track. Nigel Mansell, David Coulthard, Johnny Herbert, Andy Priaulx and Marino Franchitti to name but a few.

From optimising performance behind the wheel to leading a team and mastering the media spotlight; British F4 drivers are given an opportunity like no other to prepare themselves for their career in motorsport.

Sponsorship Acquisition Training
For 2018 Ford is providing a unique online training course designed to take F4 British Championship drivers through the entire process of sponsorship acquisition; helping increase drivers’ chances of securing meaningful sponsorship.

Ford has secured 15 places on this prestigious course developed by one of international sports’ most experienced and successful sports marketing exponents Brian Sims in association with Autosport. Places are awarded to the first 15 drivers who register for the 2018 F4 British Championship.